Autocross Rules

Autocross Rules

Rules and Regulations

SCCA Solo Rules:
The SCCA Solo Rules have everything you need to know about safety, car classifications, and SCCA autocross.

Supplemental Rules:
The Supplemental Rules include NER-specific rules or regulations, applicable to NER events.

Tech Inspection is also a very important part of competition.  Please be certain that the vehicle that you bring for competition meets all of these requirements.


Team Challenge

Generally the last event of the year, the Team Challenge is a fun event held after the completion of the regular Solo season. Competitors form teams of 4 drivers to compete in the challenge. Winning the challenge will require all drivers to do as well as possible in their respective classes. 4 first-place finishes is a perfect score, so it’s best not to have drivers all competing in the same class. Team Creators will be the judges for other trophies, and will be introduced at the Drivers’ Meeting.  Click here for the full rules.