Club Racing Contacts

Club Racing Contacts
Chairperson JB Swan 781-917-4346
Asst. Chairperson Kathy Barnes 860.875.0254
Asst. Chairperson Marilyn Freeman 508.561.2188
Stewards’ Liaison Jason Benagh 781.929.8042
Open Wheel Drivers’ Representative Jeff Adams
Closed Wheel Drivers’ Representative Abhi Ghatak
New Driver Licensing Pat Travers 401.461.9219
Instructors’ Liaison Alan Dunklee 802.436.2414
Tech & Scrutineering Regional Administrator Roland Clark 603.247.7517
Registration Regional Co-Administrator Marilyn Freeman 508.561.2188
Registration Regional Co-Administrator Peg Dowd 508.543.6620
Grid Regional Administrator Karen Petersen 860.523.9252
Starters Contact Rich Currey 860.604.9519
Flagging and Communications Regional Administrator Eileen McStay  978.604.9104
Flagging and Communications Regional Co-Administrator Brian Pitts
Timing and Scoring Contact Joshua Underwood  781.400.0318
Pits Regional Administrator Peter “Thumper” Villaume 603.785.7383
Sound Control Regional Administrator Charlie Burke
Radio & Equipment Regional Administrator Doug White 203.878.5141
Equipment (Trailer) VACANT
Director of NERRC Points Stephen Blethen