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    At the 2017 NER Annual Meeting, the RallyBoard will discuss and vote on any proposed rule changes to the NER RoadRally Rules and Regulations http://www.ner.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/rrregs_2015_v1-0.pdf

    If there are any suggestions, please lay them out there for inclusion. Discussion is invited as well.


    Proposal #1
    Prohibit the wire syncing of competitor clocks to the rally time such as with a Timewise checkpoint clock.

    The submitter states the following in support of the change:
    This change would prohibit competitors from doing a physical sync of their personal rally clocks to the official timepiece of the rally. Timewise checkpoint clocks, for example, have the ability to be precision synchronized with another Timewise. Because Timewise checkpoint clocks are no longer widely available, this could produce an unfair advantage to competitors without the legacy equipment.
    The rule change would place all competitors on equal footing with regards to rally time synchronization.


    Proposal #2
    Apply a minimum leg score of 10 points if a Time Allowance (TA) is used ie, an error of 1 with a TA would become 10. An error of 15 with a TA would remain 15.

    Alternate version: When a TA is used, the leg score will be equal to twice the competitors’ timing error up to max of 50 additional points. For example, a error of 12 with a TA would become a 24. A error of 76 with a TA would become a 126.

    The submitter states the following in support of the change:
    Current rules do not penalize competitors for the use of a TA. The justification being to not encourage speeding/reckless driving to get back on time. However, it is possible to apply a penalty that is meaningful to reward teams that are able to follow the route and not be delayed while not being so severe that it justifies taking risks or breaking the law. Suggestions for penalties other than the above are welcome.


    Proposal 2.
    I suggest that you
    Leave it as is with no penalty.
    This was a safety feature
    originally and has prevented speeding especially in experiencd cars.
    Changing it to 10 still makes E cars want to go for no ta as a 10 can make them lose the event quite easily. Hence more speeding (endangering themselves, others vehicles and attracting unwanted attention.)

    Either change is bad for safety reasons.


    Proposal 2
    I suggest that it is left as it is with no penalty for using TAs. Having a penalty for taking a TA would incentivize drivers to speed to make up time instead of taking a TA. There are many reasons based on safety for taking a TA (getting stuck behind a tractor, cow in the road, etc.) that it would be dangerous and would not look good to the locals if drivers tried to make up time rather than take a TA.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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