100_0875RoadRally is a form of motor sport that takes the scenic drive through the country side and adds a dose of competition.

A RoadRally team consists of a driver and a navigator in street legal vehicle.  Events take place on public roads at legal speeds.  Because of this the cost to compete in a RoadRally is low.  (generally just an entry fee ranging from $30 to $60 per event).  Unlike other forms of motor sport, where you have a limited of competition time surrounded by lots of time sitting around, you will be on the go and competing for hours on end during  a RoadRally event.

There are two types of RoadRally events:  Time Speed Distance (TSD) and Game Tour Adventure (GTA)

On TSD Rally events, the team gets a set of route instructions.  These instructions describe a route/course consisting of public roads. They contain speeds that teams are expected to average over sections of the course plus timed pauses and zones to account for heavily traveled areas and busy intersections.  Teams will be timed at locations (unknown to them) along the route.  Their time will be compared to a calculated perfect time and penalty points are assessed for each hundredth of a second early or late to that time.  The lower the score the better (just like golf)

GTA Rally events encompass every other type of RoadRally.  These include fuel mileage runs, poker runs, and regularity runs where teams run the course twice attempting to match the time done on the first pass as close as possible on the second pass.  One of the most prevalent type of GTA event is New England is the Shortest Distance Rally.   Here competitors get a list of questions and map. They must plot their own ‘shortest’ route, find the answers, and return to the finish location within a set period of time.  Team with the most correct answers in the least amount of miles wins.