2009 SSM Car Preparation Specification for the New England Region


First my apologies for taking so long to get this rule set published. We, the SSM Ad-Hoc committee have decided that all 4 major race series’ (MARRS, NARRC, NERRC, and NYSRRC) will run under the same rule set for 2009, and therefore, we have requested the rules be "division-wide". We are presently waiting for final approval on this rule set from Topeka, but I wanted to get this info out to everyone ASAP since it’s already so late in the game. I do not anticipate any changes going forward at this time.

The new rules can be found on our Rules Page

The actual differences from last years SSM rules are relatively minor. However, the differences to the 2009 SM rules are a bit more significant. In general, the SSM rules are more restrictive, and are intended to promote a low cost, evenly matched race series. For example, a specific spark plug is now required, you must use pump gas (94 octane max), heads cannot be shaved below factory specs, the new SM shock hats are not allowed, etc. I encourage everyone to read through the new rules completely. If you were running SSM last year, I believe all you’ll really have to modify are a few “tune-up” type items to be good to go this year.

See everyone out on the track.

Marc Martin