So, what are you waiting for…the Drivers’ School?

As you all settle in for what looks like a harsh winter, you are hopefully preparing for the 2009 racing season. If you have even been reading the new updated 2009 GCR, you probably have the usual questions and maybe you might have some new ones.

Anyway here is the schedule for this years preseason techs…I highly recommend that you attend one of these before your first event. Now remember that some of you folks don’t need to be there…remember that your Annual inspection is good for 365 days…so go dig out that log book and check the date of your last inspection…go check now!

Here are the dates and locations…

March 21st from 9am-3pm
Location: 3D AutoWorks
Rt 111 / One Industrial Drive
Hudson, NH

April 4th from 9am-3pm
Location: Brians Garage
43 Fremont Street
Needham Heights, Ma.

The 3rd location, if needed, will be at the On-Track Karting facility in Wallingford, CT. after our April School-one day regional on 4 / 17-18 / 2009.

For those of you of you who have not read the GCR, I recommend that you read it! Here are some areas on interest…

  • Driver Suits, 9.3.19.c, page 76
  • Roll Cage changes, 9.4.D, 9.4.F.2, and 9.4.5, on pages 92, 93, and 95 respectively.
  • Tail lights, 9.3.31, page 86
  • Formula towing and lifting, 9.3.46, 3rd paragraph, page 86
  • Minimum Event Safety Inspection/ Tech Sticker, 5.9.2.B, page 37

These are a few of the important items of interest that go pretty much across the classes. Be aware that just because your vehicle was inspected late last year, the vehicle still needs to be compliant with the 2009 GCR.

You all have heard me spout out that safety is your first job. This is still true now and it will always be! If your vehicle is not safe, it will not run! Remember that this is for fun, not money. Yea, ok maybe bragging rights too, but I don’t hear a lot of bragging about someone who got hurt trying to win a race.

	“To Be Safe, You First Need To Plan To Be Safe”

I’ll see you at the track. Should you have any questions in regards to racing, drop me an e-mail at