solo_link.jpgThe New England Region Solo (autocross) points series runs from early April until late October. Each season brings new people, ideas, and sites for our program. Typically, these changes are hammered out during our Winter Meeting in January, and appear here shortly after that. Our last points event is at Devens in Ayer, MA. Here we determine the NER Solo Driver of the Year, as the class champions take part in the Stirling Moss Runoff.

We run a charity event that is part of the Race Against Leukemia weekend. Road Race, Rally, and Solo events are held in the NHIS area during this weekend including the Jeff Gordon Challenge.

If you have never run an autocross, give it a try. It's a great way to learn more about your car's abilities, as well as your own! We have a fantastic Novice program to get you started. In the Novice Class, you compete with other novices, and we score you based on the car you drive, not your ability. It allows a newbie in a Miata the same chance as a driver in a Yugo to take home a trophy.

Solo Stories

Racing Against Leukemia, Solo Recap

Loudon, NH – Saturday evening. Let us begin in the middle of the Racing Against Leukemia festivities, after a good dinner, and attending to the quiet voice of Danielle Moehring as she addresses the diverse and extended family of New England Region motorsports fanatics who are gathered in the garage area of the NHMS infield.

2013 Devens Match Tour

From the STX driver's seat at the Match Tour, Devens 2013

Saturday started HOT! Soup hot. I think I saw some alphabet soup floating by: SS, STX, AS.... You get the picture, Thick Heat! Felt bad for heat 1 workers baking on course. The Nationals timing system wasn't used to Deven's type timing bugs: the kind that don't happen anywhere else. I think there are some left over radio waves from the former army base that seem to plague inexperienced wifi systems. NER Co-Timing chief Derek had a backup system waiting in the wings while the Regional powers at be were trying to bend Nationals power's ears to the Deven's Triangle wifi timing bugs. Eventually things got going more smoothly as fixes were figured out with the rookie-to-devens timing system. Battles were going on, but I was focused on my trusty Gatorade trying to keep cool... After working heat two, it was time to walk the course again. Not too fast, as it was (did I mention?) Hot! Already Jeff Anderson was showing his speed, passing by at a high rate of speed on the course walk. (So that's how he does it!)

OK, Time to run.

Upcoming Solo Events

Date Location
Team Challenge Sun, 10/26/2014 - 07:00 - 18:00 Devens - Moore Airfield
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