CRXSolo® is the SCCA brand name for autocross competition. An autocross is a skill driving event in which one car at a time negotiates a prescribed course, using traffic cones to define a variety of turns. The sites are usually laid out on huge, open   parking lots, or on sections of airport runways. The course is set up so that you are operating in lower gears, with a top speed of no more than 60mph or so, depending on the car. The average time of a run on the course is approximately one minute, plus a penalty of two seconds for each rubber cone (pylon) hit. During each run you operate your car at it’s limit of acceleration, turning, and braking…and yours. You maintain complete control of your car while maneuvering through the course in the lowest possible time.

While driving on the street, the time span of most emergencies is only a few seconds. Thus the experience of maintaining control becomes a valuable training session. You will develop a sense of timing, judgment, and ability to interpret your vehicle’s handling characteristics – at safe speeds and in a safe place. Your experiences at an autocross will enhance your driving ability on the street.

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For more information on getting started in autocross, we recommend SCCA’s free online resource: